Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Flying Scotsman is coming to Grosmont

I've decided to call this one "Grumpy artist paints the Flying Scotsman".

My tranquil life will be interrupted on the 12th with the arrival in Grosmont of the newly refurbished Flying Scotsman loco. It's going to be heaving....I may have to go and hide in my pottery.

Lots of people have been nagging me to do some Scotsman paintings and finally I have given in. Most annoyingly of all is that I really enjoyed doing it. I did it from a photo on the NYMR's website, its from the 1950's I think.

Painting something like this is really tough, let's call it an impression of a steam engine. My next one is going to be called " Flying Scotsman in the very far distance and hidden by a hill"

Now a while ago I said that Black is for wimps ....I take it all back.

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