Thursday, 3 March 2016

A lesson on Green

I felt unhappy with the way I'd tried to explain greens yesterday, so here's another attempt
I've started with a strip of pure Winsor green (yellow shade), I believe other manufacturers call it Pthalo green. Above it I have mixed the green with white. It's quite a cool green and very synthetic looking.

I then came in with two yellows, one lemon yellow and the other Winsor yellow which I started to blend with the green and white. It's still a bit to artificial

Below I've started to introduce Winsor (pthalo) blue and Prussian blue with a little white. In the middle is a patch of Winsor violet

In comes the burnt Sienna to make the warmer greens more natural

I've used a mixes of burnt Sienna, green, Prussian blue and violet to establish the almost black shadows and come over the top with mixes of winsor blue,green & white and violet,green & white.

And that is how I get  my greens to go from warm sunlight to cool shadow. 

Hope this helps.

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