Friday, 12 October 2018

Sunrise near Boggle Hole

This is me painting a sunrise near Boggle Hole in Robin Hood's Bay. Now we are getting into Autumn the sun is swinging nicely round which makes for Better compositions. The painting isn't actually finished yet, I'll up load the final picture later.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Durham miner's march

I've spent the last few days well and truly out of my comfort zone with this one, palette knives and people pictures just aren't happy bed fellows. But I've had a smile on my face for most of just seems mad...these crude little marks do seem to convey some sort of sense of character and a lot of they people watching me have been very complimentary (probably because they we're in fear of their lives sensing the unexploded bomb ticking away ). Hopefully they will be happy with it...if not I've actually really enjoyed pushing myself and I'm still smiling.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Here's on from a couple of weeks back, Whitby East pier

I've started doing time lapse videos again. Please click on the link below the painting.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Cracking on

My objective this winter was to get five distinct lines of pots set up before the season kicks off again. I've really got into the creative process and now don't want to stop. I haven't painted now for about 6 weeks and being an artist is now just a distant memory.

This is a glaze I call Tex over Temnoku, it originates from a copper red glaze that I copied out of Ceramic review back in the Jurassic. It no longer has copper in it and if it did it would come out of my electric kiln a greenish colour. 

Bailey's red with a blue chun drizzle on a crude butter dish. I made a simple hump mould for this butter dish lid and press the plate out using a piece of wood and furniture foam. The result is very rustic but has a lovely friendly feel. It makes me smile anyway...

Copper slip with trailed clay over the top... so simple.

Copper green over a Nepheline syenite wash, wax resist and some Cobalt/Iron pigment. This is quite a complex method and has taken a while to get it just so. This is definitely a direction I want to go.

Olive oil pourers, slip painted.

Salt and peppers

Bailey's red Persimmon glaze oil pourer

Sauce boat made from a bottle shape.

Mug trees


Friday, 13 January 2017

First firing of 2017

While it's quiet, it's good to get stuck back into the pottery. I'm really pleased with this firing it's got lots of potential for new styles
Tex over Temnoku

Rutile over Len's

Chun over Temnoku

De Boo's green over slip trailed relief

Bailey's red with blue Chun trailed

Blue slips

Orange and pink slips

Muted slips

More blue

Natural slip tests

Butter dishes Rutile over Len's

Return of the wall fish

Chun Butter dishes

Copper green Butter dishes

More slips

Brown glaze over relief

Nepheline orange mugs

Copper green.. a little too thin.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

December 2016

Finally slowing down after a manic end to the summer season, looking forward to a bit of play time and recharging the old batteries. 

Early Morning, Derwent water from Keswick campsite.

Scafell in autumn with the first snow on the tops

 Robin Hood's Bay
Edinburgh commission

Dramatic sky near the Stape road

Saltwick Bay dawn

Grosmont woods

Stanage Edge

Evening on Whitby beach