Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Inspiration, the beginning of the week and getting the old grey matter going

Tuesday is the beginning of my week (I take Sunday and Monday off) and like everyone else I find it hard to get going. One of the best way for me is to have a browse, it seems indulgent or work avoidant but I'm increasingly seeing the importance of it. Everyone has influences, even the greats and we are in the privileged position of being able to scan across thousands of images sat in the comfort of our homes.

One of my favourite sites is Pinterest, as you select images you then get guided towards collections of similar work. You also get to create your own collections and so can come back and at a glance see all the work that caught your eye the day/days before. This is my collection called Paint.

Currently I seem to be enjoying looking at clouds lit up by the late sun.


We've been having some great cloud formations lately and I think I might start the week playing 
around with this subject.

Here it is, I've had a very disrupted day today and will reserve judgement until tomorrow. It will be still wet enough to work on but I will probably have another go at it from scratch if I need to.

I sold The Turner sky today so I'm very happy

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