Thursday, 25 February 2016

Goathland sunset continued

I failed yesterday again to get a video done, this time it was due to apple software not allowing me to do what I want....I'll get there in the end....hopefully.

I came into work this morning to this

To me it didn't look good at all and I was thinking along the lines of how long do I work at it until I scrape it all back. It was always going to be a tough picture being a winter sunset....lots of muted tones etc.

Throwing caution to the wind I quickly blocked in the foreground colour, fortunately a tube of Prussian blue popped into my hands. Within an hour I was starting to relax.

It's amazing how colours interact with each other and in my head it becomes very obvious which direction to take once the canvas is totally covered. There's a lot more tweaking to go here, hopefully I'll have the finished article for you tomorrow.

Just a quick up date, I've managed to get a little video up loaded.

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