Friday, 26 February 2016

Goathland sunset complete...maybe

Right that's it!!!!! no more's done.. I think. I've spent the day doing all sorts of little jobs and every now and then coming back to tweak this painting. The darker colours are already drying so it's time to stop. 

The other important job of the day was to sign up for the Clennell colossus, a ridiculous mountain bike race in June over in the Cheviot hills in Northumberland. Last year they advertised it as a fun family day out even though it was 50 miles off road and climbing the equivalent of 2 Ben Nevis's. It took us (The Egton Mid-life Crisis Cycling Club) over 8 hours to complete. I've never walked so much on a day out cycling.....but not this year we're going to pedal all the way.....maybe.

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