Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Back to the grind stone

It will come as no surprise to find out I didn't paint on holiday. It has also taken me a whole week to get my brain into gear and produce my first painting. I'd recommend three weeks though, it always takes me far to long to wind down and actually feel truely human. I took the new Clive James book with me and it became an invaluable tool.

I don't normally review books but this one deserves a special mention. I wanted a book that could take me on a nice high brow ramble through the history and philosophy of the last century. I wanted to be entertained and informed on a subject I know little about. I soon became very angry as I realised that I had wasted £20 quid on an unreadable door stop. I doubt that this book would even be of interest to someone who studied history and philosophy if the 20th century. It failed to even attempt to engage the reader and just preceeded to drone on endlessly cross referencing every minor interlectual of the past hundred years. I could go on and infact I did, I piled all my pent up stress in to this nasty little book. It sat there in our caravan vibrating its malevolence allowing me to get on and have fun with the familly. I think I'm going to find out his address and post it to him so that he can fill his own wheelly bin with it.

There I feel much better for that.

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