Friday, 13 January 2017

First firing of 2017

While it's quiet, it's good to get stuck back into the pottery. I'm really pleased with this firing it's got lots of potential for new styles
Tex over Temnoku

Rutile over Len's

Chun over Temnoku

De Boo's green over slip trailed relief

Bailey's red with blue Chun trailed

Blue slips

Orange and pink slips

Muted slips

More blue

Natural slip tests

Butter dishes Rutile over Len's

Return of the wall fish

Chun Butter dishes

Copper green Butter dishes

More slips

Brown glaze over relief

Nepheline orange mugs

Copper green.. a little too thin.


K2 Subculture said...

Wow, this looks really good, I want to have these cups for myself and for my restaurant. Going to look for these in local market, hope I will get them

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