Monday, 12 May 2008

Slightly different angle on Whitby

I came back after a early dawn at Robin Hood's Bay to find Whitby being soaked in a warm glow. I like this view and might try it again without the buildings in the foreground. 


Richard Earnshaw said...

I recently saw this work in the Gallery in Whitby and was taken aback by its beauty and perspective of Whitby. I love local art of North Yorkshire and I think this painting among your others is probably the best I have ever seen. I think too many artists seem to go for nice, dainty little watercolours but this is a big and bold work of art in oils that really captures everything I love about that part of the North Yorks coast!

Suze said...

When I saw this painting I was amazed by your capture of the light quality, as Richard said above it really does capture the reason I love this part of the world.
I have never been a lover of palette knife but you have completely converted me.